12 Days till Christmas: Winter Outfit

12 days till Christmas: day 8


By Rosanna Hi My Lovelies, If you’re on insta or on TikTok, then you know Blazer are a thing. They were always to me but OK, let’s bring them back. I have seen oversized blazer, crop blazer and even leather  blazer and I’m here for it. I have to say I collected quite a bits of…

90’s Degree

By: Rosanna Hello my lovelies, This weather is driving me nuts!!!I either go out in the morning or go out when it’s 75 degree or lower it’s just too hot for me to function! With this weather I hardly know how to function,I wish I can be like a grandpa with their stomach out …….

What’s In My Bag?

Hey my lovelies, I love watching ‘What’s In My Bag?” so I thought It will be fun to flim one for you guys !!!! Make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel.

What I Got For Christmas

BY : Rosanna                  Happy New Years Guys !!!!  My sister made a video in our youtube channel Showing What She Got For Christmas, GO CHECK IT OUT, This gave mean idea to do a  blog post on What I Got For Christmas, My sister and I always…