Arugula Pea’s And Pesto Pasta

Hi, My lovlies By: Susana I’ve been really obsessed with cold pasta ! !  It’s easy to make and it’s great for picnic and going to the beach. This pasta is really easy you don’t need much ingredients and it tastes soooo fresh.  Penne ( whole packet) Peas  ( 1 cup) Pesto ( 1/2 cup)…

Ginger Bake Fish

Delicious Ginger Bake Fish and is super easy to make!!!

The Best Quickest Pasta Recipe

By : Susana I’ve Perfected The Most Yummiest Pasta Dish Ever ,Don’t @ Me Giada De Laurentiis !! Italian Food Is My Favorite And I Wanted To Make A Recipe That You Can Do In Under 15 min You Guys Will Thanks Me Later .Btw I’m Not A Expert In Writing Recipe So Give Your…

Strawberry Milk

  Hello my lovelies, I loved strawberry milk when a was younger, now that I’m older I don’t drink it as much. Could it be is only something for children? Well no ! I made my own adult version of strawberry milk, and it has fresh fruit instead of the Nesquik power or syrup we remember….


By: Rosanna Not to be cocky, but I make one of the best hot chocolate ! I am the official hot chocolate maker in my house., My Hot Chocolate is better than Starbucks, YES I said Starbucks. So give it a try and taste it for yourself, let me know if you end up trying…