By: Rosanna            Growing up in Massachusetts , there’s only been one place I ever wanted to live, and that is Salem. I always love how cozy and witchy Salem looks and how you could always do something different every time you go. I tend to go every year to visit….

Ginger Bake Fish

Delicious Ginger Bake Fish and is super easy to make!!!


By: Susana Hi My Lovelies, This year has gone fast !! We’re almost to the end of the year and it’s blowing my mind ! On that note I’m am excited for the holidays!! My Sister and I went to See the New movie The Nutcracker And The Four Realm (which I recommend, it was…

Autumn Faves

By : Susana The Moment I’ve Been Waiting For Is Here FALL BABY !!! Listen ,Summer For Me Was Gross !! I’m Sorry 100 degrees Is Not For Me . We’ve Been MIA ,I Know ! A lot Of New Things Has Been Happening In Our  Life And We Fell Behind In Our Blog ,…

The Best Quickest Pasta Recipe

By : Susana I’ve Perfected The Most Yummiest Pasta Dish Ever ,Don’t @ Me Giada De Laurentiis !! Italian Food Is My Favorite And I Wanted To Make A Recipe That You Can Do In Under 15 min You Guys Will Thanks Me Later .Btw I’m Not A Expert In Writing Recipe So Give Your…

Weekend Snap 5/25-5/27

By : Susana       Hi My Lovilies !! Hope Your Enjoying Your Memorial Day ! If You Don’t Celebrate Memorial day because your from oversea’s Hope Your Enjoying your Day Too ! DO YOU GUYS ENJOY THESE SNAP OUR WEEKEND POST ??? Being  That The Weather In My Area Was 90 Degress (Quite…

My Crystal Collection

  By Susanna Hey my lovelies , Hope you guys are doing extremely well !!! I’m really into affirmations and positive thinking. I even do a monday motivation post on my insta stories (Go Follow Me If You Want To Know What I’m Up To When I’m Not Posting ) Insta : Susiebaby2 So another…

Weekend Snaps

By:Susana Hey My lovelies !!! This Weekend Was Crazy Nice !! It Was About 60 degrees, Listen To A Massachusetts Person This is Shorts Weather! Chilly and I Wanted To Enjoy The Day With A Little Bit Of Shopping And Ice cream ! Like I Promise This Weekend Snaps Post Would be Fill With a…

Strawberry Milk

  Hello my lovelies, I loved strawberry milk when a was younger, now that I’m older I don’t drink it as much. Could it be is only something for children? Well no ! I made my own adult version of strawberry milk, and it has fresh fruit instead of the Nesquik power or syrup we remember….

What’s In My Bag?

Hey my lovelies, I love watching ‘What’s In My Bag?” so I thought It will be fun to flim one for you guys !!!! Make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel.