By: ROSANNA Hi Guys, I was doing my makeup today and decide to show you guys how I do my everyday makeup and what I use. I prefer a more natural look , so my makeup literally takes me 5 min. Most of the product I use are things I’m liking at the moment but they…


By: Rosanna            Growing up in Massachusetts , there’s only been one place I ever wanted to live, and that is Salem. I always love how cozy and witchy Salem looks and how you could always do something different every time you go. I tend to go every year to visit….

Chocolate Salted Caramel Cupcake

  I have always had a sweet tooth. When it comes to chocolate and caramel no doubt these two would make the best mix. The bater itself is super rich and luxurious, the frosting is creamy and delicious ! It’s a butter cream frosting with carmel drizzle on top with chocolate chips, walnuts (optional) ….

Louis Vuitton Josephine Wallet

  By: Rosanna One of the gift I receive for my birthday from sister is the Louis Vuitton Josephine wallet. I have been using it for a couple month so I wanted to make a review. I got my wallet in Damier Ebene leather with the canvas color in vino. The wallet has 4 credit…