By Rosanna Hi my Lovelies, On the 15th days till Christmas I have a recipe for you my famous dinner rolls ( famous to my family), I make these dinner roll every holiday season or when I’m making lasagna. You don’t need many ingredients and it super easy to make which is a trend for…

7AM Vibes

BY: ROSANNA Hey My Lovelies,      I’m so happy we finally got are routine down. Today look is inspired on being you, wearing what you love. I love wearing my doc, it makes me feel like a bad ass. There also really easy to style. The jeans I have on are my ultimate favorite, I…


A very girly way to wear a fur coat.

Avène Hydrance Intense Serum Review

By Susana Hi My Lovlies , I Know !..Who’s This Doing A New Skincare Review !! ( After Vacation I’ve Been Slacking ) Sorry My Babes !! As You Guys Saw A Few Post Ago I Went To Paris ( the international skincare center ) I Don’t Think People Call It That, But On To The Review….

Paris, Je T’aime

Hi My Lovelies , As you saw from our last post we went to London ! Yeah crazy ! But that’s not the only place we went to. We Went to a place that I’ve been dreaming of going since I was 7 ( Just Realize the title gave me away )  Chilly and I…


Me and Susana have been planing a trip to go to London for years. It’s crazy how we made it happen. London was great we saw almost everything we wanted to see. ( we’re history buff), we saw Buckingham Places, Kensington Palaces and the Tower of London. During our time it was super hot and…

90’s Degree

By: Rosanna Hello my lovelies, This weather is driving me nuts!!!I either go out in the morning or go out when it’s 75 degree or lower it’s just too hot for me to function! With this weather I hardly know how to function,I wish I can be like a grandpa with their stomach out …….