By Rosanna Hi my Lovelies, On the 14th days till Christmas I have a recipe for you, Crazy Cake. Its made out of the same dough as a churro, but its a different shape (that’s the crazy part about it )One time my sister and I were trying to make Churro but we couldn’t make the…


By Rosanna Hi Lovelies, On the 13th days till Christmas I have some decorating tip !!! My mom recently got a side table from the thrift store and I wanted to see how can I make it look Christmassy for the holiday. So I went to my favorite spot to get cheap holiday decorations (…

7AM Vibes

BY: ROSANNA Hey My Lovelies,      I’m so happy we finally got are routine down. Today look is inspired on being you, wearing what you love. I love wearing my doc, it makes me feel like a bad ass. There also really easy to style. The jeans I have on are my ultimate favorite, I…


A very girly way to wear a fur coat.

Holiday Cheese Board

By : Susana Everyone loves a good cheese board !! There great for parities and for entertaining but people think that you need to spend lots of $$$$ to make a great cheese board. When in reality you can make a stellar ( it’s my new word ) one right out of trader joe’s for $ 40….

Avène Hydrance Intense Serum Review

By Susana Hi My Lovlies , I Know !..Who’s This Doing A New Skincare Review !! ( After Vacation I’ve Been Slacking ) Sorry My Babes !! As You Guys Saw A Few Post Ago I Went To Paris ( the international skincare center ) I Don’t Think People Call It That, But On To The Review….

Arugula Pea’s And Pesto Pasta

Hi, My lovlies By: Susana I’ve been really obsessed with cold pasta ! !  It’s easy to make and it’s great for picnic and going to the beach. This pasta is really easy you don’t need much ingredients and it tastes soooo fresh.  Penne ( whole packet) Peas  ( 1 cup) Pesto ( 1/2 cup)…

Paris, Je T’aime

Hi My Lovelies , As you saw from our last post we went to London ! Yeah crazy ! But that’s not the only place we went to. We Went to a place that I’ve been dreaming of going since I was 7 ( Just Realize the title gave me away )  Chilly and I…


Me and Susana have been planing a trip to go to London for years. It’s crazy how we made it happen. London was great we saw almost everything we wanted to see. ( we’re history buff), we saw Buckingham Places, Kensington Palaces and the Tower of London. During our time it was super hot and…


Instagram: Chillybee22 Blazer: Thrifted Skirt: Thrifted Top: boohoo Sandals: H&M Bag: TJ MAX Necklace: Nordstorm Earring: Urban Ouffiters