Arugula Pea’s And Pesto Pasta

Hi, My lovlies By: Susana I’ve been really obsessed with cold pasta ! !  It’s easy to make and it’s great for picnic and going to the beach. This pasta is really easy you don’t need much ingredients and it tastes soooo fresh.  Penne ( whole packet) Peas  ( 1 cup) Pesto ( 1/2 cup)…

Ginger Bake Fish

Delicious Ginger Bake Fish and is super easy to make!!!

The Best Quickest Pasta Recipe

By : Susana I’ve Perfected The Most Yummiest Pasta Dish Ever ,Don’t @ Me Giada De Laurentiis !! Italian Food Is My Favorite And I Wanted To Make A Recipe That You Can Do In Under 15 min You Guys Will Thanks Me Later .Btw I’m Not A Expert In Writing Recipe So Give Your…

Strawberry Milk

  Hello my lovelies, I loved strawberry milk when a was younger, now that I’m older I don’t drink it as much. Could it be is only something for children? Well no ! I made my own adult version of strawberry milk, and it has fresh fruit instead of the Nesquik power or syrup we remember….

Chewiest Yummiest Chocolate Chip Cookies

By: Rosanna           One recipe I have been perfecting is Chocolate Chip Cookies. I have made them before but like goldilocks is either too cakey, too hard, or even too chewy. I wanted to create a recipe that has all this in one. I’m my future goal is  to be a grandmother…


By: Rosanna Not to be cocky, but I make one of the best hot chocolate ! I am the official hot chocolate maker in my house., My Hot Chocolate is better than Starbucks, YES I said Starbucks. So give it a try and taste it for yourself, let me know if you end up trying…

Coconut Walnut Chia Granola

By: Rosanna One of my favorite breakfast is granola with fruit. I absolutely love this combo, I really love my making my easy granola recipe. It easy to make it literally take less than 30 min to make and, you only need a few ingredient. Is rich in fibre and light for the stomach ….

Chocolate Salted Caramel Cupcake

  I have always had a sweet tooth. When it comes to chocolate and caramel no doubt these two would make the best mix. The bater itself is super rich and luxurious, the frosting is creamy and delicious ! It’s a butter cream frosting with carmel drizzle on top with chocolate chips, walnuts (optional) ….