My Current Favorite’s

By :Susana

Nars Sheer Glow

I have been using the same product In rotation for last 2 months which In my case is extremely rare since I get bored with things very quickly ( same with my men hahaha )
I fell in love with the Nars sheer glow in the color Aruba all over again I used to be obsessed and can’t tell you why I forget about it .This foundation give such a flawless finish on skin and is medium coverage . On these hot and sweaty summer days I find in the night that the foundation is still intact .

Huda Beauty Caramel Brown Obsessions

This eye pallet has been my go to , The color’s are really everything I would ever need . I use this everyday sometimes I just sweep some of the orange on lids and apply mascara and Viola you look done up . The shadows are super pigmented .

Kiss Stripe Lash Adhesive

I kept hearing about this lash glue on YouTube but somehow I could’nt get myself to stop using the ardealls . Till one day I saw it on Amazon for 3 dollars ( I took that has a sign ) I would never go back to the ardealls lash glue . it doesn’t have that typiacal lash glue smell and is so easy to apply since it has a brush applicator , this glue stays on the whole time after applying and the best thing is you can carry it in your make up bag and apply anywhere .

Eyebrow Styling Soap

When I first heard of soap brow I wasn’t convinced , I thought it was similar to using brow gel but let me say if your looking for for fluffed, precise brows you need to try this ! It’s hold better then brow gel . I purchased mine on Amazon.

Real Techniques

My real techniques powered brush is a must to be on this list , it applys my powder precisely on exact spots where I normally get shiny . I find that when I use another bigger fluffy face brush it just make a powdered mess on my face .

Apple watch

This has really step up my fitness game . It keeps me on track I have been obsessed with closing my activities rings .


Chunky colorful jewelry and hair clips it gives a pop to a cute simply outfit and is currently in trend for the summer .

I love cold icy water but with this heat I found that my water warms up and the ice melts and then I’m stuck with warm water . I found this insulated water bottle my water stay cold and icy till the next day this literally never leave my side .

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