Watermelon Splash Cocktail

By Rosanna

Hi my lovelies

My friends and I decide to have a little competition on who can make the best cocktail and I won. So I obviously wanted to share the recipe with you guys. I went for a easy drinks once it was a little chaotic and we had a time set. I made a watermelon cocktail, you would think it came from a bar menu.


•1 cup watermelon juice ( I pick a sweet juice one since I love sweet drink, but it’s your choice)

•1 shot of lemon juice

•1 shot of tequila

•1 cup of ice

•Slice of watermelon (for garnish)


•In a blender add watermelon juice, tequila, lemon juice and ice.

•Blend together and pour into a cute aesthetic cup ( or which ever cup you prefer)

•To garnish put the watermelon slice on the cup.

•This drink is so great and perfect to a girls night.

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