New Glossier Cleanser Concentrate

By Susana :

I have not been on top of my game with the reviews for you guys. I feel like most brands new launches have been very lack luster, I was not suspecting that glossier was going to produce a new cleanser since their milky jelly cleanser is so great. When I saw that they have an oil-based cleanser I was on that immediately.  

The Cleanser arrived almost next day to my house but unfortunately the pump did not work but do not fret I contacted glossier, and they shipped a new cleanser to me just in time for me to review for you guys. 

The Cleanser: 

I love a good Oil cleanser there super hydrating and tend to remove that last bit of stubborn makeup. I am going to be honest the color of the oil cleanser is a slightly bit unbecoming, why brown??  I am assuming it must be because its concentrate. There is not much scent to it which can be great if you have sensitive skin. Something I notice is it does not lather so much but this is something common with oil cleanser not really a problem per says. It has many great ingredients one of them being Niacinamide which is perfect for refining pores and building cells in the skin while also protecting them from environmental stresses, such as sunlight, pollution, and toxins. It also vegan and they market has purifying, Which I can Attest after using it that it is purifying without being drying. 

The Packaging: 

You get A lot of products for $20.00. The bottle is made from glass which looks lux on your counter but when your hand gets oily expect for it to slip (I speak from experience) After dropping it a few times the bottle still has not shatter this glass seem to be Susana proof.  

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