Things every beginner Gardeners needs / tips

By :Susana

Last year I got a new hobby gardening. I honestly don’t know how I fell into it but now I am obsessed. Last year I grew roses and begonias, lavender and basil. I was extremely proud with my work they were my babies everyday I woke up early with a purpose to tend to my babies. This year I want to expand and start growing my own vegetables. I like the idea that if you sow and grow it yourself you know what is exactly in your food. So I bought some seeds ( pretty much everywhere I saw seeds I bought some please don’t go crazy like me ) The seeds I got were arugula, basil, butter lettuce,cilantro and mint. I’ll show you guys the progress in my next post this one is all about how to get started.

Things every Gardeners needs :

Organic seed starting soil

Seedling tray/ any container you can add drain holes too

Gardening bag w/ tools

Watering can

Gardening gloves

My tips for beginners that want to start :

Start small, just get 3 seedling you want to start. Most seedling would have to start from inside due to the weather and I’m sure you don’t want to over crowd your windows. They need care daily so starting small will help you not feel to over whemeled. If you fail don’t dwell on it, the best thing about seeding is you can quickly start again.


Make sure to purchase a big watering can if you don’t have a hose attached to your home ( I hate having to make double trip to the house to get more water the bigger the can the better )Pay attention when your watering you don’t want to over water or under water. It’s always best to add mulch on the flowers that allow you to. Roses love mulch and the mulch is great in retaining water, the same thing if you planted hydrangeas.


If your planing on eating the veggies you grow, then organic soil is the way to go. I started with a great seedlings one, which I purchase in Home Depot.

Once your seedling are ready to be transplanted you would have to moved them to a raised bed or a bigger container my next post would show you ,my steps on how to do this.

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