Coach New Spring Summer Bags Review

By : Susana

Hi my lovelies

Coach is back ! They have release new handbags and they all are adorable . They are staying true to there signature styles most bags have A element of 2000 era in them ( you guy’s do know y2k is back !! ) . We bought three of there new bags and you guys know me I have to review it for you .

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Swinger bag in Signature Jacquard

This is my new love (I have a weird attachment to my things ) I got it for my birthday and it literally everything I love in a bag . little (in my case the smaller the bag the better ) colorful is a must for me and these color remind me of legally blonde . I love that it matches my color scheme for the summer . The details in the bag are awesome I love the lock it has on the zipper keep the bag secure .

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The Tabby pillow bag

This bag is beautiful and it comes and delicious colors . It’s a statement and has a similar vibe to something bottega Veneta would do . Unfortunately we send this one back it’s to delicate of a bag the leather is so soft that on the first day my sister wore it there was a scuff mark . If you’re a person who really careful with your bag then I see no problem in getting this bag but honestly for $400 and it getting scuffed on the first day it’s a no for me .

coach new spring summer bags

Tabby bag

Elegance ! This is the one Rosanna swapped for after sending back the tabby pillow bag . It’s a beauty ,the hardware is immaculate. The leather is unreal it’s soft but not delicates to the touch . If you want a spacious bag this one is for you . It come with two strap that you can swap out . The shorter strap is good for going out to dinner or for a flirty look . The long strap is perfect for a day to day look.

Honestly my babies if you looking for A inexpensive beautiful timeless piece I recommend these .The prices for the bags range from $200-400 not too bad . I never thought I would be a fan of coach and that they would make this come back but here we are .

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