Peace Out -Retinol Eye Stick

By Susana

Hi my lovelies,

How many of you have started using retinol or retinoids ? If you are over 22, I suggest you start. It alter the behavior of aged cell so they look more youthful. It’s know for smoothing skin texture and treating aging.
I was looking for a way to start incorporating it into my skin care routine. You have to start slows with retinoids because it’s such a powerful ingredient it can cause skin to redden or get flaky when you first use it normally the skin begins to adjust. So I started use it gradually two times a week.
There’s many in the market you can purchase drugstore version like the Roc retinol :this one is one the most common and the one I recommend if your planing to buy a drugstore version.
The one I’m currently using is the Peace out -retinol eye stick it’s nice because it very portable and Is marketed for under eyes. I’ve Been using it under my eyes and on certain places where I believe I have wrinkles or am developing lines ( pesky brow line ! ). I have notice that my brow line has became faint and I almost Don’t even see it anymore. When looking for a retinol look out for what best suit you and make sure to alway apply SPF.

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