Roasted Tomato Riscotta Crostini

By Susana 

Hi my lovelies,
What were we doing in life without air fryers . I can’t imagine not having one and I would never want to go back . I have been finding ways to make my recipe easier by making them in the air fryer . I have a nice appetizer recipe I love to do when entertaining it’s my roasted tomato riscotta crostini , doing this in the air fryer cuts the cook time by 10 min .

Cook time :15 minutes 

Ingredients:Grape tomato Oregano Black pepper Crostini Balsamic glaze Arugula 

Roasted tomato:
1 cup of grape tomato’s1 tea spoon of oregano 1 tea spoon of black pepper

Step 1: In a bowl add grape tomato and season with oregano black pepper pinch of salt .
Step 2: add tomato’s in the air fryer and cook for 10 min .

Step 3: place crostini flat in serving dish add a table spoon of the riscotta

Step 4: top with roasted tomatoes and arugula and drizzle with balsamic glaze

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