Maybelline Superstay Ink crayon

By : Susana

Do any of you guys know a great lip stick that doesn’t transfer to your mask , and please don’t say the NYX shine loud high shine lip color because I have been looking for those everywhere. On the hunt for a lipstick that doesn’t smudge on my mask I saw theses from maybelline called super stay ink crayon , I purchased 3 colors .

  • Talk the Talk
  • Reach high
  • Laugh louder

Review :
These weren’t what I was suspecting it’s definitely not a smudge proof lipstick , ( probably my fault some how I thought that since it said it is super stay it would be smudge proof .)
The formula is super soft , it has a built in sharpener so this is great to lip line . The colors that I got are really too brown for me . I am going to say it does have a long staying power but does transfer on to my mask .
Price:The price is really great ! I believe I got mines for about 4 bucks and right now you can probably find it on sale . Retail price is 9.99

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