New Trend Alert Spring/Summer Fashion

By: Rosanna

I love fashion, I always use to check my favorite magazines on what’s new in fashion. This time I was completely confused with what they reported was going to be in trend for spring & summer. Seem’s there not in the loop with what’s really going on in fashion. That’s what when I realized the people who are making the trends are now in social media and I’m going to tell you what I have been seeing.


Browns are definitely in, I notice many fashion blogger wearing browns. Brown is a super prowerful color. It’s not only very classy but will make you look super lux. It’s easy to style and definitely a eye pleaser. Even Kim Kardashian had a all brown ensemble and she look great in it.

Green, Yellow, Orange

Definitely seeing lots of green,yellow and orange. It’s giving me 70’s vibes, think Charlie’s Angles. These are great color for spring/summer, easy to style and great for when lockdown over and we want to be funky .


Have you seen the new Prada loafers ? Than you know loafers are a thing, and I’m excited because I love me a good pair of loafers. Their just not any loafers, they have a platform heel. Easy to style and would make your outfit look put together.


If you seen Bridgerton than you know why everyone is obsessed with corset. Their great with jeans, skirt or even on top a dress. It gives you a feminine regency look . Definitely give it a try, Amazon has some inexpensive corset.

I’m not sure if you have been living under a rock, but leather is in. Any type of leather pieces pants,blazers, hats, corset and in any shade or color. Leather will instantly give you that bad bitch look.

Animal Print

Animal print has always been in, but this time cool funky pieces are making a splash .I have seen lots of animal print pants. I would definitely make it a key piece of a outfit.

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