Morning Routine

Hi My Lovlies ,

As promise I wanted to give you guys a glimpse at my morning routine . So here’s  how it looks . 

Wake up:

I normally wake up around 8 am mostly because my family member wake up early and once one person is awake in Dominican household every wakes up . The minute I wake up I mediate in bed for 10 min and read a few pages from my book the secret and I write a  bit . I then open my blinds to let the sun in and make my bed . (notice all the cat hair on the edge hahah )

Then I make my way downstair brush my teeth and wash my face . I either use a ice roller or a cold jade roller today I went with a jade roller and this is great for shrinking pores ,deputing  and lymphatic drainage .after doing that I  apply sunscreen and moisturizer .

Then I go to the kitchen feed Khalessi and drink a glass of water .This is suppose to kick start your metabolism but i just find that after doing this my skin looks brighter .


I starting adding this after the new year’s gyms are closed  so I have been having to do at home yoga . sometime I go for a walk depends on my mood .

Breakfast :

I could never go without breakfast anyone that knows me knows this . My favorite breakfast is pancakes with honey drizzle on it or with cinnamon butter that my sister makes.

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