Review Monday: Fenty Skin

By: Susana

Hi my lovelies,

Today is Monday so you already know what I have for you guys. Today review is on Fenty skincare, I already loved Fenty makeup a lot. Some of there products are in my staple for my everyday makeup. So when I saw they came out with skincare products I’m going to admit I was a little skeptical. Im not a fan of celebrity skincare lines they never tend to be anything special for me to have to repurchase but this is not the case with Fenty. I haven’t stop using it since I purchased the set in Sephora.

Total cleans’r remove -it -all cleanser :

This cleanser has a lovely light and I mean very light coconut scent. It’s very creamy and has ingredients like Barbados cherry which is loaded with vitamin c, Green tea which we all know is full of antioxidants and many more ingredients that are great for your skin. What I love about it is that my pores the next day were gone and my skin felt clean without it getting dry, most times when you have a cleanser that removes make up they tend to strip the skin but this one doesn’t do this .

Fat water pore -refining toner serum :

This thing is literally my favorite out of everything! Obviously it’s a toner but get this it’s also a serum. Honestly I thought this would do nothing for me ( I just find toner’s are a waste of money ) but honey this is making my skin dark spot fade and give you a plump fresh look. Some of the ingredients are niacinamide ( which is a form of vitamin b3) this helps reduce the look of dark spot and even skin. Cactus flower which helps hydrate. Listen if you get anything from this post today let it be that you need to try this.

Hydra visor invisible moisturizer:

Perfect daily moisturizer has a spf 30 any moisturizer that has spf on it is a blessing because it helps me skip that spf step in the morning. This is very light on the skin absorbs so fast onto your skin, just like most of the products in the Fenty skin line it has very great ingredients but one of it that really stands out in this to me is hyaluronic acid & aloe this is great for hydrating.

I bought the set and will be buy the full size of these products because of the changes I seen in my skin. Another great this is that everything is vegan , cruelty free and they found a way to make the products recyclable .

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