Top 5 Amazon Product You Need

by : Susana

Hi my lovelies,

Milk Frother : Honey ! This has change my life, before this I had a manual one which became torture because I had to pump for like 4 min for the milk to get semi frothy but this gadget is literally like having a Starbucks at home. The milk is extra frothy and ready in a minute time, also as you guys know I tend to normally just drink ice coffee this makes cold foam .

Electric lighter : I never thought I would be one of those people with one of these. I never understood what was the hype about this (mostly because I hate change ) until my sister bought one. The regular fire starters kept running out and we had to purchase 2 every month ( hey we love candles in this household!! ). Also where do you get rid of these the Trash ?? Aren’t they made of gas ? Luck for me I don’t have to think about this anymore because the electric one is chargeable. I love the look of it to very slick and stylish.

Dry Facial Brush : Who would I be if I didn’t add some kind of skin care thing. I use this in the morning right after my face is clean and dry before moisturizer, what it is great for is for boosting circulation and lymphatic drainage great for depuffing, I know I have at least 5 skin care tools that does the same but this one does something that none of the ones I currently have does and that is my darling remove dead skin cells. It’s super gentle and great if you have sensitive skin doesn’t hurt at all . I do this 2 times a week.

Cellphone stand : Who watches tv anymore ? Exactly ! I’ve been obsessed with this actually so has my mother who has been taking it lately when she cooking. It’s a stand the fit phone and tablets, I use it when doing my makeup or when following a recipe from youtube, I’m also gonna admit that I have been guilty of bringing it to the dining table while have dinner. Great for your neck because you don’t have to keep looking down at your phone.

Security Alarm : Amazon literally astonishes, i wanted to get alarm system but there super expensive so while on amazon I see this recommend to me at first I was doubtful an alarm system for 25 dollar, but was I wrong this has adhesive so you can stick them anywhere and they actually work there super loud. I even put one on my closet door to know when someone going in and stealing my clothes (wink wink ). It brings 4 in a pack .

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