12 day till Christmas: Sugar Plum Cocktail

By: Rosanna

On the 11th day of Christmas we have a simple Christmas cocktail. I found a sugar plum drink in Trader Joe’s and got inspired. If you like the nutcracker then you will love this drink. It’s a really festive drink, it’s cute and girly. It’s the perfect balance of juice and vodka.


1/4 cup of Vodka

1/3 cup of sugar plum soda

And whole cranberry


Step 1: You first need a really cute cup or glass.

Step 2: Pour vodka over ice and then add cranberry.

Step 3: Add sugar plum drink and stir gently.

Optional :You can add sugar to the rim of the cup to make it more festive. I just didn’t have any, I’m going to be adding it on my drinks on Christmas Eve !

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