12 Days till Christmas: Holiday Appetizers Platter

By Susana

Hi My lovelies ,

On the Seven day of christmas , I got cheese for you , (just joking ) one thing I love is entertaining and setting up for parties. I thought I’ll give you guys an idea of a appetizer tray I’m doing for Christmas . It’s on a much smaller scale for the blog 1. Because I don’t want to use all my appetizer( I’m using these for Christmas Eve ) 2. Because of COVID I know everything has to be done in a much smaller scale because most people would be only spending it with there household.
All your gonna need to do is go to Trader Joe’s for these treat , I love Trader Joe’s I have yet to find something that fail me there . I chose these 3 because we love cheese here so I know it would be a hit . Then all you need is a tray and a oven 10 min , voila . Garnish with grapes and if your of age get your self a glass of wine and enjoy.

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