12 Day of Christmas: Top 5 Winter Essential

By Rosanna

On the 5th Day of Christmas we have my top 5 winter essentials, these are my favorite pieces I have been wearing for the last 2 months. These are the item I go for when I am in a hurry and what I wear on a daily basis.

Louis Vuitton Bag

This is a vintage bag I got for my birthday in October and I haven’t put it down since. It’s easy to style and super cute. It also dress up a simple outfit. It give it a French flare.

Nasty gal Boots

These have to be my favorite boots. There so comfortable. It give a cool girl look because of the gold belt buckles . I feel they look good with sweatpants, legging and mom Jeans.

Cream fluffy jacket

I’ll admit it, I haven’t brought a winter coat. But this coat really makes up for it, it’s super warm and easy to style. It make me feel super stylish and girly.

Baseball hat

I love me a baseball hat. It give any outfit a cool effect. I love wearing them with my gym attire or when I am wearing sweatpants. Perfect for greasy hair day and still there something trendy about it .

Gold hoops

Have always been my staple, but these hoops are amazing. They look super expensive but there only $12 in Asos. I love them because there chunky and there a simple statement any time I’m wearing a simple pony this instantly amp out my outfit.

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