By Rosanna

Hi My Lovelies,

If you’re on insta or on TikTok, then you know Blazer are a thing. They were always to me but OK, let’s bring them back. I have seen oversized blazer, crop blazer and even leather  blazer and I’m here for it. I have to say I collected quite a bits of blazer during quarantine and, I’m not mad about it. I could easily create outfit for the Harry Potter character if I wanted ( by the way I spend too much time on TikTok ) , that’s how much I have and they’re all different. They’re something about wearing a blazer that makes you feel like a bad bitch , who works for herself. So Let me introduce to my blazers.

Check Blazer (Dark academia): This is my smart blazer lol, I mean I feel like Rory Gilmore in this blazer or maybe Emily Gilmore. This is the blazer I wear when I’m hitting my favorite coffee shop, book store or even walking/ siting in the park glazing at the perfect fall leaves. You can style this with anything really. A tee underneath would look great as long as is a neutral color. I like to wear it with mom jean but it would also look great with a paid skirt or leather skirt.

Leather Blazer (Rosanna the slayer): I got this blazer because it literally reminded me of Buffy the vampire slayer. I have seen Buffy with a jacket/blazer like this.This is an easy blazer to style, it goes well with really anything. A skirt, mom jeans, skinny jeans, but I style this with a faux leather pant. For top I would pair with a fitting top, something like a crop top or a turtleneck. 

Black Blazer: Everyone need a plain black blazer. I prefer oversized but is your preference. I like styling this blazer by wearing something fitting underneath, is so oversized it gives it the perfect look. You can wear it with a mini dress or skirt. 

Cream Blazer (French Girl Vibe): this has to be one of my favorite blazer. Is one of those pieces that looks like something a French girl would wear. With this one I keep it light. Anything really goes with it, but I prefer a light mom jeans. I will pair it underneath with a tees and maybe sneaker or booties.

Instagram Post: @chillybee22

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