My Top Five Skin Tools

By : Susana 

Hi My Lovlies ,

Today I thought I’ll talk about skin tools and the purpose and benefit of having them. Every skin enthusiast has a skin drawer full of various shape tools ( “skin drawer “sound like something from the silence of the lamb ). So these are my top five.

  1. Ice Roller : This one I use in the morning, It’s alway kept In my freezer ( You can put it in the fridge but I like mine super cold hence why I prefer freezer ). It promotes lymph circulation and depuffs, it is supposed to also prevent wrinkles. Have you ever heard of that old wives tale about massaging your face in the morning with an ice cube? This is basically that.
  1. Facial Razor : Here Me Out! This one at first was kind of weird for me. I thought my face isn’t hairy why In the world would I do that but honestly this changed my life. This will remove your peach fuzz and make your face super smooth. It helps your product penetrate more deeply into your skin. It’s also great as an exfoliator because it removes a lot of dead skin cells. If you would like to see how I do it let me know I’m not opposed to a blog post on it.
  1. Jade Roller : This one I’m sure you know of It . It does almost the same thing as the ice roller but this one I like to use more as a face massager at night. It promotes lymph circulation and depuffs,brightens complexion and tightens skin.
  1. Gua sha : This one they call a scraping massage tool ( scraping sounds so abrasive but honestly this tool is so soft .) This one you can use on your whole body. It’s believe that to help reduce headache and protect the heart. I’m gonna be honest I have only used this on my face. It gives you a mini face lift.
  1. Facial Cooling Globe : These before using it, put in the fridge to depuff and to help sinus pressure this one feels the best almost spa like it relatives redness and great for tightening.

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