Hi My Lovelies,

There nothing better than making your own coffee at home. It save you money if your making it in the morning, it’s less expensive than going to Starbucks every morning ( don’t get me wrong I try to limit my Starbucks for once a week). It taste really delicious, and you know what ingredients are in it. One of my favorite drink to make is my pumpkin ice coffee. I use my keurig to make the coffee. I use a flavor coffee normally, I go for vanilla and caramel. These flavor are easy to pair with different kind creamer, but don’t go crazy with the sugar. I usually don’t add sugar, because is too decadent. I hope you guys love this recipe! Tag me on insta if you make it, because I will love to see it!!

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P.S feel to substitute milk if you have to or prefer it.


1 keurig pod Vanilla Burlee 

1/3 Cup Starbucks Pumkin Cramer 



Make your coffee in the keurig ( It’s best when you make the coffee at night and refrigerate). Add ice to the cup, a lot of ice. Pour coffee into cup. I usually foam the creamer, to give it a pumpkin cold brew feel. Add some pumpkin pie powder if you have some will make it taste delicious and bottom up!!!!!

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