by : Susana

Dang These Commercial Are Really Persuasive , I’ve Been Seeing the same Commercial for the Maybelline Lifter Lip Gloss everywhere . I decide to not go crazy and only get two glosses simply for research purpose (air quotes ) .

When in front of the store display all the color seem to look the same so I end up getting the color Topaz & Petal. I’m first going to tell you what I was expecting , Which was a juicy lipgloss something that give you that plumping shiny look, Not really to opaque but with a slight tint of color . What was really cool was the fact that it has hyaluronic acid which is known for hydration and many others beneficial things.

Now to what got …..

The Packaging is A1 It has a similar look to the Kim Kardshian gloss packaging . The price for the glosses were absolutely wonderful $7 . The applicator is probably one of the best thing of the glosses and one of the best in a drugstore right now it’s similar to the Fenty applicator . The hyaluronic acid in it is also a plus I’m Not sure if I ever seen a lip product with it .

Now to my least favorite part the actually gloss , maybe it’s my fault that I expected something Else and you might like this but the gloss in the name petal is way to opaque for my taste or for what I was looking for in that color gloss. Again this might just be a Susana thing but I always wear lipliner ( if Im wearing any sort of color on my lips ) I wanted a Juicy lip color something like a gelée . In the pictures below I am wearing a lip liner with both gloss

The Color : Petal
The Color : Topaz

All In I would rate it a 4 out 5 I mean just alone in the price and packaging . Have You Guys Already Tried this let me know your opinion in the comments .

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