My Favorite Mini

By :Susana

One of my biggest weaknesses is being in line in Sephora and seeing the mini’s just looking at me, there’s something about miniature beauty products I can ressit.

Many times if I’m trying to try out a product I just purchase a miniature version of it to test it out for a few weeks but I would say I have a few favorites that I have on rotation.

1. Grand lash: not gonna go to in detail because I’m planing on making a post on this. It’s a lash growth serum.

2. La Mer Foam Cleanser: My favorite cleanser of all time, I love the fresh smell leaves my skin clean without drying be fit if buying a mini is it’s cheaper I payed 25 dollar for this bottle the full size retails on the $90 dollars range .

3. Luna Rentnol Sleeping Oil : The bottle pretty small but goes a long way this oil is the best rentoil I tried so far doesn’t irritate my skin and next day I could really see a different.

4. Clinique Super Defense City Block Spf : I know spf is a essential but I never found one that I like as much as this one , it’s not tick on the skin or heavy, doesn’t have a strong spf smell (I’m gonna admit it’s one of my most hated smell ) has never broken me out till this day and never leaves a white cast.

5. Sol The Janerio Mist : I would like to know who doesn’t like the smell of these product the vanilla smell isn’t overwhelming my sister hates vanilla scented products and she somehow likes this, the smell lingers for a long time.

What are some minis you guys like ??

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