Bioderma Sensibio Gel Moussant Review

By: Susana

By : Susana

Hi My lovelies,

I always heard of the brand Bioderma but never really got to try since it’s a French brand. Before if you wanted to buy it you were able to purchase it on amazon but now it seems they have came to the states well at least cvs. On one of my late night run to cvs I notice they had a bunch of new Bioderma products and also a deal going on with the brand , so naturally alway down for a deal I purchased a set and the cleansing foam gel.

The foam gel is probably the nicest drugstore cleanser ever and I mean ever ! It doesn’t really have scent which I am not mad about. It’s leaves your skin clean and doesn’t dry your skin out at all, actually on the packaging it said that it moisturizes. Think of it like using micellar water but in a gel foam. I think I payed 14 dollars for it but honestly should be worth even more. If your looking for a nice inexpensive cleanser I recommend this one .

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