Make Your Own: Fall Wreath

By: Rosanna

One of the best way to kick off the fall season is by decorating you front porch. While I still haven’t fully decorated my porch, I couldn’t resist to hang my fall wreath. This year I wanted something a little bit more burgundy. I normally go for a wreath more in the orange and brown color, but I think this year wreath has to be my favorite. I brought all the decorations in Walmart in early July ( I know I’m kind of Fall crazy), it was inexpensive and easy to make. The total of the wreath was about $15, when online I seen similar looking one for $50-$80 so I’m really glad I make this at home. I will keep you posted on decorating the rest of the porch, but for more you can always find me on my social media for more fall content.


I first like to place all the flowers where I want them to go before gluing them. This way is easy to change if you don’t like where is place.

The second thing I do is insert the flower and bending the back part so it doesn’t poke out.

The final part is to glue behind the flower and the pumpkins to secure it.

The very last step is place the wreath on the front door and just let the season begin.

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