My New Hobby

By :Susana

Hi My Lovlies ,

I Never Thought I would Say This….. But Since The Quarantine I Got A New Hobby , Which Is Gardening I Don’t Really Know Where It Came From But on A Run To Trader Joe’s I Saw A Pair Of Miniature Rose’s That Where Calling My Name Then After That It Was History !!

I Might Have Went A Little Crazy And Got A Whole Lot Of Things Like Hydrangea,Begonia,geranium ,peony,strawberry,and basil. Let me just say some of my babies did die ( so I do Recommend starting small because they all need special care and all have different needs) .RIP to my Strawberry , Basil and Hydrangea . Do You Guys Enjoy Gardening?? I Was Thinking About Making a First Time Gardening Essential You Need Post Let Me Know What You Think About That ?

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