Things do while Self Quarantine

By: Rosanna

  • Reading book
  • Watch movie
  • Organized 
  • Make a new recipe 
  • Exercise 
  • Skincare 
  • Enjoy tome with family or pets
  • Picking up a new hobby

It’s crazy how the whole country, no the whole world is out on lock down. I been a lot on Tik tok or seeing the news. But I have decide to make this self distancing a little more productive I thought to better use this time bettering myself.


Even with a gym membership I always find a excuse to not go to the gym. Now that our health is becoming more of a concern . I’ve decided to take it more seriously. Doing a 10 min workout in the morning will really make you feel productive and will motivate you to not only binge on junk food ( not that I don’t love junk food, because I’m the queen of eating it), but to eat a little healthy and think of what your eating.


I put a lot of time in my skincare. I try to use only the best for my skin. But I will admit we don’t always have time to focus every day on our skins. So there no better time than now. I’ve been using all my masks and I’m almost out !! I think I might only have 2 more as I speak .

Make a New Recipe 

It’s a really good time to try something new. Like trying a new recipe out  for dinner, lunch or even breakfast. I really like Pinterest to find new recipe, go check out my Pinterest it’s rosannabee. I also have a recipe up on banana muffins on this blog , it’s delicious and super easy to make. I also like to support our local business during this tough times so I try to order once a week from local places .


One thing I never have time to do is organize.So now I have no excuse. I started organizing my makeup drawer, my closet . It’s great because I don’t feel like is taking from my time because I’m literally 24/7.


One thing I like to do that you guys don’t know about is to read. But with coming home from work and not having a lot of time, because usually I want to catch up on my favorite t.v show ( 90 day fiancé). It’s nice to take some time and relax with your favorite book .

Watch a Movie

Watching a movie is a great thing to do. Or watching a documentary ( literally my favorite thing to watch). I’m catching up on my Disney movie and my cult favorite. Favorite app amazon prime, Disney plus, Netflix. You also are able to watch movie that are supposed to be in the theater from your home. Which is a really great idea, because we’re not able to go our self. P.S I’ve watch the new movie Emma , and it’s a five star . I recommend if you want a light hearted film with great cinematography.

Spending time with love ones

Take the time to enjoy it with love ones, whether it’s a family member, pets, roommate/ friends. Play a game or watch a movie together. We live a very busy life, were we are always on the run and we don’t spend time as much with each other. Cherish the time we have with each other .

I hope you guys like my suggestions on what to do during the quarantine. Please stay at home so we can get through this and stay safe.



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