Review :Pond Cold Cream

by: Susana

Hi My Lovelies ,

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Since I was A Little Girl I Have Seen This Product Everywhere My Mom Used It ,My Grandma Used And Most Likely Someone You Know Used It Too. It Has Been Around Since 1846 (yeez does that mean Queen Victoria Used It ??)

One Rainy Day A Girl With A Full Face OF Glam Ran Out Of Her Favorite Makeup Cleansing Balm ( don’t worry I’m planning a favorites post so you’ll know pretty soon what I’m Loving ) The only thing open was Walgreens and while looking for something heavy duty enough to remove full coverage foundation I saw The Pond Cold Cream , I used It Before And Stopped using it not because it was horrible but as you guys know i love trying new product i simply forgot about it .

Once I used it the first time i remembered why I loved this product so Much . it’s like using a moisturizer as a makeup remover its hypoallergenic great for sensitive skin . it doesn’t give me that dry feeling , and it removed my makeup in one go. This Never Broke Me Out Or Clogged My Pores ! My only complaint is I wish The packaging was prettier its still very 1950 aesthetic .

Have You Ever Tried This Cold Cream What Where Your Thoughts ???

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