Amaretto Latte Recipe


Hi My Lovlies,

I think most of us would agree Starbuck is SOOO GOOD, but to buy a grande ice coffee is almost $4.  I decide this year 2020 I was going to spend my money wisely, and going to Starbucks every morning is not that wise. I found a way to save those $4 that in the end of the week would equal  $28 and thats only if you don’t get any morning pastry and, lets admit I alway buy the pastry. So this is my recipe  to make a really good cup of coffee, cafe style of course with no extra charge for added ingredients. 

First you have to find the perfect coffee, it could literally be any kind. Keurig, nespresso ( I wish I had one) or the old fashion way which is my favorite.  The old fashion way is actually a stovetop espresso marker, is the best.  I like to use bustelo coffee, that the brand my mother and grandmother always use. I brought this coffee syrup that bring flavors like vanilla,caramel, irish cream, hazelnut and amaretto. For milk always go for your top favorite. To make the milk frosty like a cafe I brought this milk frother in amazon, it was super cheap and is easy to use.


Bustelo Coffee

Amaretto Syrup

Heavy Cream

Make a coffee, add syrup to coffee. Froth milk and pour into coffee and voila. You got yourself a artisan cup of  coffee.

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