Trying Out Top 3 Most Rated Kylie Skin Products

By : Susana

Hi My Lovlies !!

Im late to the game,Im one the few That Was Yet To try Kylie Skin, I mean I might Have Been Traumatize With The whole walnut scrub thing but Im Not A doctor Im Just a Skincare enthusiast. I Like The Kardasian/Jenner so this is a honest review (there no hate over here ). So I decide To Try The Most Rated Kylie Product In The Ulta website. I got the Vanilla milk toner, Foaming face , Face moisturizer , Most of these products have a five star rating. My Sister And I Tried The Product For A week and this what I found.

Vanilla Milk Toner : I wanted to like this so much,it has no alcohol and has great ingredients like avocado oil, jojoba seed oil, it saids it helps minimize the appearance of pores. This Product didn’t smell like vanilla to me it had a very milky scent. My sister skin got irritated and it turned red. I found it did noting but give me little white pimples (which i was Not happy about ).

Foaming face cleanser : This cleanser wasn’t anything special the scent made my eyes burn a little, It dried up my sister skin and mines a bit i would probably recommend it if you have oily skin .

Face Moisturizer : This Product I liked if you just need a simple Moisturizer, great for under makeup. I really Like The pump on it, it didn’t break us out and i don’t really remember a scent to it .

All in all I would say its not to bad definitely drugstore quality the packaging is really nice I like the simplicity of it and course that its pink !

Who Here Has Tried Kylie Skin What Is Your Thought Comment below !!

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