Best of the best of 2019

By : Susana

Hi my lovelies,

It’s 2020 a new me (let’s us laugh at that bit )and new goals to achieve, 2019 on here I would say wasn’t one of my best year . I was slacking honestly and couldn’t keep a consistent schedule but being that it a new year we can basically start new again and align everything properly.
For our first post of the year I thought it would be cool to show you something’s that I been loving throughout the year , as you can see it’s not to much because I’m fickle as heck and love something now and 3 weeks later don’t but these products are things I been using honestly almost everyday .
Lineage lip mask : I use it every Night and have repurchase more then 5 time this year (this little one I got in a set ) honestly if I could use it through out the day I would but I’m a germ of phob and the thought of dipping my fingers in the tub after not washing my hand give me hives .
Sleep gummy: these I started taking when I went to Europe and it helped with my jet lag . I have sleep problems so I take these and they make me sleepy in 30 min or so and I don’t wake up the next day groggy .
Crystals : I been super obsessed with using crystals in my makeup looks (being that I’m a bit extra this helps me stand out more ) and also who doesn’t like a bit of sparkles
Fenty bronzer : this bronzer is compact ,a cream , last a long time and Rihanna made it need I say more.
Heart earrings: hearts in general I’ve been obsessed with .if you follow me on instagram you would notice I have multiple picture with them on (go Follow me on there if your not ) There girly and cute literally me in a earrings form .
What will you guys like to see us do more of in 2020??

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