12 Day Till Christmas: Christmas Ham

By Rosanna

Hi my Lovelies,

On the 16th days till Christmas I have a recipe, I know it feel like I have lots of recipes but during the holiday all I do is eat and watch Christmas movies. I’m going to share my ham recipe, which is so delicious. At first I thought cooking a ham was going to be super hard,but is not all. This is by far my favorite recipe I like to make because it make my house smell so good.

Things You Will Need:

1 Uncooked Ham

1/3 Cup Brown Sugar 

1 Tbsp Grounded Clove

1 Cup water


Rinse Ham under cold water. Cut slices in the ham.

In a sauce pan, add water brown sugar and clove. Let it come to a boil then turn it off.

Brush sugar mixture on the Ham. Make sure to add sugar mixture into the slices of the ham.

Preheat oven to 375 fahrenheit. Cool for 1 hour with aluminum foil on.

Once you take it out the oven, remove the aluminum foil and brush the ham with the juices from the pan. 

Put it back in the oven without the aluminum foil for 1 hour,

Eat it with your best side dish. My favorite is mash potatoes and cranberry sauce with my homemade dinner roll.

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