Hey Guys,   I just had the best idea, well not really. I’ve seen this done before. So since were 12 days away from Christmas Eve, I decide to post everyday holiday/winter inspired things. I got some recipes, decorating idea and really cool idea for the holiday/winter. We are going to start with  Susana simple but really good Chili  recipe. It’s the absolute best and promise you will like this.

By Susana Do you want to taste the best chili that would warm up your belly on a cold winter day , well here you go !!! This recipe is one of my go to recipe when I want to cook something cozy and spicy 
Best Chili Recipe 
Things you will need: 
– Ground Beef -Garlic ( 3 clove of garlic) -Black beans -Kidney Beans -Tomato sauce ( I like Cento) -Dice tomato ( also Cento) -Cayenne Pepper 1 Tbsp -Chili Power 1 Tbsp -Cumin 1 Tbsp -Sugar 2 Tbsp  – 1 Red Onion  -Garlic Power 1 Tbsp -Cheese Pepper  1 Tsp

Step 1 : Sauté Onion, garlic. Step 2Add meat to sauté onion, add all spices( chili powder, cumin,garlic power, cayenne pepper. Cook until meat is golden.
Step 3: Add tomato sauce and dice tomato 
Step 4 : Add beans, bring to simmer over medium low heat. Cook for 30 minutes and stir over time. 
( when the sauce gets thick and the beans are soft is ready to eat.)
Serve with your favorite corn bread. I really like the one of Trader Joe’s. Don’t forget to add lots of cheese.ReplyForward

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