Caudalie Foaming Cleanser Review

By Susana
Hi my lovelies ,

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There’s a myth going around that when you buy Caudalie in France the formula is better , at first I didn’t believe it ,but honey after buy the foaming cleanser over there I notice a big difference. ( honestly might be a placebo effect and the one in the United States did the same job but let me be dramatic) When I was away I needed a cleanser and if you guys didn’t know I’m quite picky with my skincare (which is why I try so many … hmm doesn’t make sense ) well I had tried the foaming cleanser and the first time I did . I wasn’t impressed but it did the job (and since my French is horrible and I can only read the word croissant ) I thought it was a safe bet to go with a cleanser I already tried .
After using this cleanser for 3 months I saw a dramatic change in my skin , the cleanser is pretty gentle and doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry (I use it when I wear minimal to no makeup , so I don’t need a heavy duty formula . It smells like a spa in a bottle ! But the best thing is , it looks like it smooths out the texture in my skin , my skin looks soft and brighter and the line in between my nose (that freaking line is my my pet peeve ) now looks faint .

Is it possible the formula is just better in France or am I just crazy ??? Leave me a comment below to let me know what you think

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