Me and Susana have been planing a trip to go to London for years. It’s crazy how we made it happen. London was great we saw almost everything we wanted to see. ( we’re history buff), we saw Buckingham Places, Kensington Palaces and the Tower of London. During our time it was super hot and sticky, which I found kind of weird I saw people wearing jacket ( in 80’s degree weather). Taking the tube was easy, it’s kind of  like taking the MBTA in Boston ( if you didn’t know, I’m from Boston).  I thought it was pretty cool how everything looked in person, everything was bigger than what I imagine in my head. The location of our hotel had to be my favorite! We stayed in The Ampersand Hotel which is in South Kensington. This hotel made me feel like I lived in London and it was in a great location( I was literally crying when I left).  Make sure to check out our Instagram to see more our London stories.

Afternoon Tea in The Ampersand Hotel

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