By Susana

Hey My Lovelies !!

I have a new review for you guys! This was my first time ever trying this brand I saw it in different places Insta and ok mostly Insta, But what made me give this a try was, I had a few dark spots on my face and I started looking into Vitamin C because it great for skin brighting and dark pigmentations removal. In the Sephora website they recommended these product and what sold me were the reviews and the price! they range from $8-$10 dollars !

The Vitamin C cream was intense (not Really in a bad way ) it tingles when you first apply it which was kind of scary, but it goes away pretty fast. Let me tell you in the morning my dark spot looked smaller and faint with just trying it once .

The 100 % Organic pressed rose hip seed oil is very good at absorbing into skin. This oil is good for wrinkles and has many benefits It helps reduce scars and is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, which are integral for tissue and cell regeneration in the skin. (It even reduces stretch mark so that’s a plus ) IMG_3521

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