The Best Quickest Pasta Recipe

By : Susana


I’ve Perfected The Most Yummiest Pasta Dish Ever ,Don’t @ Me Giada De Laurentiis !! Italian Food Is My Favorite And I Wanted To Make A Recipe That You Can Do In Under 15 min You Guys Will Thanks Me Later .Btw I’m Not A Expert In Writing Recipe So Give Your Girl A Brake If I Can’t Describe Well What Your Suppose To Do … Ok On To The Recipe!!



Any Pasta Your In The Mood to Have This Time I Used Elbow Pasta
Italian Sausage
Garlic paste
Tomato sauce
Chicken Stock Cube
Black Pepper
Dried Parsley
Whole milk
Cream Cheese

Mince  Your Garlic And Chop your Onions and Drizzle Some Olive Oil In A Pan And Add  Your Garlic And Onions,Then Remove The  Italian Sausage Casing And Add Chopped Sausage To Pan Let It Cook With Onions And Garlic Till It Turns Golden ,Then Add Black Pepper And A 1/4 Teaspoon Of Garlic Paste ( because I love Garlic !!) ,Add 1/4 Of The Tomatoes Sauce  , A Sprinkle of Oregano And Chicken Stock Cube ,Add 1 Teaspoon Of Whole Milk and finally add the teaspoon of Cream Cheese Mix Everything  Until The Sauce Gets Thick

Boil Your Pasta

When Pasta Done Drain And Mix In The Sausage Sauce Mixture  Sprinkle Parsley Flake

And  Eat Up !!!

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