Cheap Finds :Trader Joe’s Rose Water Facial Toner

By :Susana

Hi My lovelies ,

I Thought I’ll Start Dedicating Some Reviews On Cheap Products I Find, And Let You Know If The Hype On These Product’s Are Real . I’m Definitely A Trader Joe’s Girl Its One Of My Favorite Place To Shop They Never Let Me Down (Food Wise ) ,Recentely  I Started Seeing On Instagram Post On Trader Joe’s New Skincare Products And As Much As I Love Trader I Didn’t Belive The Hype , I Thought What Could They Possible Know About Skincare! ,Boy Was I Wrong !! The Rose Water Facial Toner Is Unbeliveable  !! First , It Get’s Point With Me Because Of The Rose Scent ,It’s Light And Lovely . Some Of The Ingredients Are Witch Hazel (Everyone Knows That’s The Shizz) Leaf Water , But Lets Talk About What It Did To My Skin . I Never Care For Toner I Really Don’t Get The Benefits About Them  And It’s A Step I Use To Skip, Well, The First Day Using This My Skin The Next Day Looked Brighter And My Pores Where Smaller ,My Skin Felt Soft And Plump . This Hasn’t Broke Me Out And Honestly I See The Difference In My Skin When I Don’t Use This . The Price $ 3.99  !!!! Let Me Know If You Tried This Product  And What Your Thought Are On It ,I’m also Thinking On Trying The Rose Oil Let Me Know If You Guys Would Like A Another Cheap Find Review On That IMG_0731

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