Weekend Snap 5/25-5/27

By : Susana




Hi My Lovilies !! Hope Your Enjoying Your Memorial Day ! If You Don’t Celebrate Memorial day because your from oversea’s Hope Your Enjoying your Day Too !


Being  That The Weather In My Area Was 90 Degress (Quite Offensive ), We Spent The Weekend Grilling

(Which Almost Ended Up Tragically Because I Almost Burned My Whole Left Arm ! (New Nickname The UnBurnt …..Get  It ….Ok Shut Up Susana)

As Usually I Will End It With What We Learned This Weekend .

An Important Thing We Learned Was To Not Give Up When Things Don’t Go Your Way. I’ll Touch On It Lightly,When People Dont Get The Immediate Result To Something They Planned On ,We Tend To Get Discouraged And Quit . Later On In Life You Wonder Why That Person Succeded And You Didnt. The Answer Is The Person Most Likely Had The Same Issue But Kept Going At It And Little By Little Started Getting Closer To Thier Goal .

So My Lovelies Please Don’t Give Up And You Will See Result In What Ever Your Trying To Achieve !


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