‘’I have curly hair” and I love it ! That was hard to say, as a person with curly I always felt it was hard to manage. I always wanted straight hair because it was less work. I guess now that I’m growing up, I’m becoming more comfortable with myself. As a child I wore my curly hair all the time, but as I was growing up I stop. I recently started wearing it little by little but it a start !!! So i thought it would be great to show how I style my curly hair.


The very first thing I do is take a shower of course!!! It really depend if I shampoo my hair that day before. Shampooing your hair daily can take the natural oil from your hair, so sometime i’ll go straight to conditioner I untangle my hair and leave a little bit of conditioner on, before getting out the shower I like to add some hair treatment to define my curls more. To dry my hair I use a microfiber towel. microfiber towel l keeps curly hair from getting frizzes. I usually leave the towel on my hair for 15-20 min. After taking the towel off, style your hair to your liking.9C255C4F-A075-4AB6-B38F-01EC4922C0E7B788C80D-CA70-440B-B7AA-FCE8B4CA18DF763C5740-FFDD-4AB3-986D-D5621BAE11D4

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  1. Your hair is so beautiful😍😍
    I love how it’s looking, and you’re so pretty. 😍😍loving your hair, and your blog is phenomenal.
    Followed! ❤

    1. Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️

      1. You’re welcome❤

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