Strawberry Milk


Hello my lovelies,
I loved strawberry milk when a was younger, now that I’m older I don’t drink it as much. Could it be is only something for children? Well no ! I made my own adult version of strawberry milk, and it has fresh fruit instead of the Nesquik power or syrup we remember. Not to be basis but I gotta say, my younger self  will definitely agree with this milk


2 Cups Milk

1/2 cup Sugar

10 strawberry

1 Tsp Vanilla extract (Opional)



Cut Starwberry into pieces, mush berry.

Add to sauce pan with sugar.

Boil Sugar and Starwberry until it looks like puree

When ready, add puree to a milk bottle or cup, add milk.

ENJOY !!!!!CB1FDFB8-8164-4486-94CA-78135D5D4945D22F746C-D86D-4925-A16F-2153CFA303ECEAC16C07-B525-43B7-BDD7-33EC0E82F5B8E5D75129-2F5C-4508-9F85-7AC9982C9548DF691D3F-140D-4AAE-95D6-2E2B43229A305F61D030-AACA-4E51-A9B3-8CDAC57AA9851FF7FD02-2768-45E6-A287-50C02B9F445D7AE684D4-4E5F-4E39-A126-D592F6261512

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