Spring Has Sprung

By: Rosanna

Hey my lovelies, So glad spring is finally here!!!! after all the horrible snow storms the flowers are beginning to bloom.Don’t get me wrong, I love snow but it’s kind of annoying. Now it’s ¬†beautiful flower and warm.
Today it’s a little wet and gloomy, but that’s not stopping me from getting my coffee in the morning. If you know me you know I love turtlenecks, when there a chance to wear one I will. I pair it with my mom jean from urban outfitters, my converse and my trench. ¬† ¬†1B4A3466-C59D-4270-99B6-AF1B86E35FA338FC45E2-85E8-41C6-8154-9350C13883D7A13300B9-90AE-42AC-ACB3-429C5D135E6F6857F8CD-E544-428C-BFA3-1161E4B9F0EB



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