Bliss Thats’s Incredi-‘peel’! Review

By: Susana

Bliss is one of my favorite skin care brands ! I’ve tried a lot of there products ( 1. Because I am product junkie 2. There really inexpensive you can finding them anywhere)

B3D29B5C-3D72-4D0F-AF8E-310E3EC30F6F.jpgWell ….how can I say this … the bliss that’s incredi-“peel” were not at all impressive it’s suppose to be a spa strength glyolic peel. I’ve tried a few peels from different brands and usually after doing this at night your skin is suppose to look some what radiant but with this one I didn’t see any change at all. I still had pores the size of Texas and it didn’t make my skin feel any different than before. I’ve tried it for about 3 months to see if maybe I could be wrong but no every time I used it I was disappointed. The next day I didn’t see any kinds of results. I will say, it can be that it just didn’t work for my skin type or skin texture (it happens ) let me know if you ever tried this product maybe you love it and it worked for you ?

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