Insta Weekend


Hey My Lovelies ,

I Hope You Guys Had A Great Weekend !!! What DiD You Guys Learn This Weekend?? , Self Reflection Is A Wonderful Thing!! It’s A Great Thing To Look Back And Find Gratitude In Moments And People … So I’m Gonna Start A New Weekly Post Preferable On Monday’s On Snaps On My Weekend And Inform You Guys On The Lesson I Learned or Something That I’m Grateful For in The Week.

So That Being Said , This Week I Learned That Making Time For Your Friends is Important. I’ve Always Been The Flaky Friend Not On Purpose ,But I Think I Mentioned To You Guys Before I’m A Perfectionist And When Something Doesn’t Quite Go The Way I Planned (and it can be little things like my hair not looking cute, or outfit problems or maybe my friends change something on me last min) I Can Get Frustrated And Lose My Mood To Go Out. Luckily I Have Good Friends That Know Me ! But This Weekend I Challenge My Self And Made Time For Them.Things That Normally Would make me Flake Like ( my shirt that I planned to wear being lost ) Didn’t !, Here Are Some Of My Snap from my social media on This Weekend …

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