Get To Know Me !

By Susana


Hey Lovies, I Know You Guys Love My Review’s and I Must Admit I Love Trying Out Products For You But I Got To Thinking … You Guys Don’t Know Much About Me ,The Only Thing You Probably Do Know Is That I Love Run On Sentences Can You Tell Lol !! Well Lets  Break The Ice Today ! Here Are 5 Quick Facts About Me


1.  I am A Pisces ( Which I Think Is Very Important Because It Explains A lot About My Personality .)

2. I’m Dominican (Well My Parents Are )

3. My Goal Is To Be Film Director 

4. I Love To Eat Ice (Basically My Only Vice !! Everyone Who Knows Me Knows About This )

5. I’m Always The Crazy One Out Of My Friends ( I Guess I Like To Surround My Self Around Sane People )

So There You Go 5 Quick Facts About Me ( If You Care )  I Also Opened My Personal Instagram So Go Follow Me Here Click Here

IF You Do Leave A Camera Emoji So I Can Go Stalk Your Pics

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  1. Welcome ❤ loving your blog already!
    You’re so pretty.❤❤

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