I am not one to write in a journal/dairy, but I just can’t get enough of this one. Last year I had one of my roughest years. I felt like everything was going wrong and Due to this I started gaining weight, I became increasingly negative and a major suck. Thank god my sister brought this journal as a Christmas present or I probably would become the queen of the negative… lol just joking.

How it works:

The 5 minute journal is great because before you begin to write in the journal, you read how is going to help you, and how to use. There is two components to the journal the morning and the night. The journal in courage you to write, when you wake up in the morning and in the night before going to sleep. The mornings section asked for three things your grateful for, three thing that would make today great and your daily affirmation. The night section ask for three good thing that happen that day, and what could of you improve.

How the journal Help Me:

I noticed after writing in the journal I had been more positive and had more faith that my day would get better. It’s help me when I think everything going wrong it’s not the end of world and have lots of thing I should be grateful for. More good has been happening to me because I’m not focusing on everything negative.


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